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Various Artists - Brown Acid: The Eighteenth Trip - Coloured LP / LP /CD

Various Artists - Brown Acid: The Eighteenth Trip - Coloured LP / LP /CD

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If you survived trips 1-17 with one tiny speck of psychedelic sunshine intact, Brown Acid The 18th Trip will be your coming of age nightmare. Vintage underground '70s hard rock, coming at you from bizarre angles, local scene wasteland America when everybody was out for themselves and the drugs went bleak. The guitars kill, the attitude is twisted, even the sex is headed down the wrong road. Real people, no compromise, pure and potent. Get stoked, take the 18th Trip and know that the artists will get paid for pulverizing your soul! "People… are you ready?, 'cause the music now is getting so heavy"… 



1. Back Jack - Bridge Waters Dynamite
St. Louis, Missouri 1974

2. The Smokin' Buku Band - Hot Love
Hollywood, California 1980

3. Atlantis - Moby Shark
Baltimore, Maryland 1975

4. Tommy Stuart & The Rubberband - Peeking Through Your Window
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 1970

5. The Chicago Triangle - Ripped Off
Chicago, Illinois 1977

6. Parchment Farm - Songs Of The Dead
Union, Missouri 1971

7. Glory (Damnation of Adam Blessing) - Nightmare
Cleveland, Ohio 1973

8. Dalquist - Farewell To The Dreamer
Waco, Texas 1980

9. The Pawnbrokers - Realize
Fargo, North Dakota 1968

10. Brothers Of The Ghetto - Rockin' Chair
Chicago, Illinois 1975


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