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Super American Eagle - Super American Eagle COLOUR LP

Super American Eagle - Super American Eagle COLOUR LP

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On their eponymous debut, Super American Eagle deliver manna for heavy rock fans craving ergine detours into noise, psych and sludgy dank, herbal grooves. A union delivered via chance, Brent DeBoer of The Dandy Warhols, Dave Mudie from the Courtney Barnett band and Bob Harrow of Immigrant Union, played an impromptu Immigrant Union NYC show as a three-piece. That night the chemistry was undeniable and so Super American Eagle soon took flight. Known for the individual talents they bring to other’s bands, the trio take control of the destination, reveling in the creative liberty that beats at the heart of the project. From a lightening moment of musical connection Super American Eagle have built a thrilling, fuzz-filtered debut of urgent and essential psych and super heavy rock vibes.

1. Yes
2. Shit's A Thing
3. Payroll
4. Gone
5. God
6. Youf Uck
7. Mark of the Beast
8. 100 Times
9. Trampling
10. Mac

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