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Rowena Wise - Senseless Acts Of Beauty - LP

Rowena Wise - Senseless Acts Of Beauty - LP

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Written after a relationship’s end, Rowena Wise’s Senseless Acts of Beauty is a stunning and searingly honest record. A new yet accomplished artist, Rowena grew up in the Western Australian surf town of Margaret River perfoming in her family’s folk band. Now grown up and living in Melbourne, her electric solo live performances of recent years has seen a real word of mouth build around her. A songwriter inspired by the strong storytelling sensibilities of 60s folk icons, Senseless Acts of Beauty delivers on the promise hinted at by her live show. Full of emotional depth, its ten tracks offer heady ruminations on love, loss, and alienation. And by electing to record them all live in the room, often in one take, the kinks and blemishes add weight to the lived experience of Rowena’s lyrics.

Tracklist: A1. In for the Kill / A2. Nobody's Saviour / A3. 26 Hours / A4. Forgiving Up / A5. Indifferent / B1. Life of the Party / B2. New Years / B3. Knife / B4. We Are Nothing B5. Gone


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