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youbet - Way To Be - Coloured LP / CD

youbet - Way To Be - Coloured LP / CD

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First Vinyl Pressing on Three Colour Soufflé - White, Blue, Violet/Purple

Hardly Art debut by Brooklyn-based artist Nick Llobet, aka youbet, follows their 2020 debut album on Ba Da Bing! Records. A lovely album of layered melodic pop-rock arrangements fusing rock and electronic instrumentation with Nick Llobet’s poignant, witty, and vulnerable lyrics.

Across Way To Be’s 12 delightfully off-kilter tunes, Llobet uses wordplay and tongue-in-cheek humor to obliquely explore dysfunctional relationships, regret, self-confidence or the lack thereof, queerness, and self-discovery. Fuzzy at the edges and filled with playful, kinetic arrangements, Way To Be is a bridge into the entrancing world of youbet. You won’t want to leave.

1. Carsick
2. Way to Be
3. Nurture
4. Seeds of Evil
5. Alive to You
6. Do
7. Deserve
8. Lost
9. Peel 
10. Trauma
11. Vacancy
12. Still

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