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Yo No Se - Momento Mori

Yo No Se - Momento Mori

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After the long awaited release of their second album, Terraform, Yo No Se return with an album of “B Sides” and tracks recorded during the first UK lockdown. Having been away for so long the band have been sitting on a lot of material and we’re delighted to get these tracks out there.

Some of the songs are taken from the Terraform recording session while others were recorded at home and features a very different side to Yo No Se. Using bouzouki and cello to explore and expand their sound as well as slipping in a cover of Bert Jansch’s Poison. Theres several different members, engineers and locations in this album which were again mastered by Jack Endino.

Continuing on where Terraform left off the album continues to explore corruption, paranoia, new world exploration and anarchy.

Limited 400 Copies on 'Doldrums' Tri-Colour LP 


1. Born To Struggle
2. Doldrums
3. Incest
4. Numb
5. Nova
6. Touching The Stone
7. Poison
8. Spit Lube
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