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Wyatt E - Al Bēlūti Dār - CD / LP

Wyatt E - Al Bēlūti Dār - CD / LP

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 āl bēlūti dārû (“The Eternal City” in Akkadian language) features two 19 minutes tracks recorded in our Karl-EhmannStrasse home studio, mixed by doom godfather Billy Anderson (Sleep, Om, Melvins) and mastered by Justin Weis at Trakworx.

The composition of the album results of a challenging use of techniques and instruments never used by the band before: Saxophones, Saz, an unusual use of voices, effects and percussions. 2 drum kits have been tracked simultaneously during most of the album to create some sort of messy vibration coming from a huge crowd.

A-side Mušḫuššu (Name of Marduk’s sacred animal) is a well-balanced track driven by a bass groove & featuring Y. Tönnes on the saxophone, ending up in a traditional acoustic outro.

B-side Šarru Rabu (“The Great King”) is a military march and shows the band at its best in terms of slowly building up layers to a climax and starting all over again until the final sonic explosion. 

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