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Various - Real Steel Vol. 2 - LP

Various - Real Steel Vol. 2 - LP

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1. Krimson Kross - Dogs of War
2. Strychnine - No Escape
3. Strikeforce - Back Stabber
4. Vikron - King of the CIty
5. Final Dawn - Running Hard
6. Liquid Earth - Lions Den
7. Intruder - Rock On
8. Sanction - Don't Fuck With My Stuff
9. Red Ruin - Return to Nothing
10. Strikeforce - Chainsaw Rock 'n' Roll
11. Wicked Sin- Rockin' Roll Party Queens
12. Vengeance - Rock Revenge

Label: Rhoads Scholar Records
Cat No: RS80
Released: 2022


Rare 7" singles from the 80s U.S. Metal Underground. Even more stupidly rare METAL, all sourced from self-released USA singles, with this second volume all from the 1980s. Even more production technique gets thrown at these 45s, so they all totally shred.

Some of the best metal vinyl from this decade, and totally obscure until now. If you care at all about your Metal Health, you'll keep this fucker on repeat.

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