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Various - Real Steel Vol. 1 - LP

Various - Real Steel Vol. 1 - LP

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1. Buster Cherrie - Sweet Evil
2. Lust - Blitzkrieg
3. Shadow - Simon Bar Sinister
4. Loose Lips - Sweet Young Thing
5. Sabotage - Hellraiser
6. Heavy Metal Kids - Hero's Call
7. Sabotage - Gang Bang
8. Sledge - Looking for a Lover
9. L.A. Rocks - Cocaine
10. Quik - Nightbird
11. Lazer - Demon's Daughter
12. WWIII - Intensive Care
13. Swift Kick - Lady Killer
14. Rivell - Danger

Label: Rhoads Scholar Records
Cat No: RS70
Released: 2022


Limited Edition of 189 - Numbered

Rare 7" singles from the 70s-80s U.S. Hard Rock and Metal Underground. Insanely rare independently released USA metal 45s, many of them completely unknown, all dating from the late 70s and early 80s. This is metal kiddos, not biker rock or psych rock. metal METAL METAL.

These bands are not fucking around, they were thee legit best band in their stupid little burg back then, they totally knew it, and now they are finally busting out all over your face. Eat it and weep.

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