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Various - Live At The Bootleggers - LP

Various - Live At The Bootleggers - LP

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Live at the Bootleggers captures a moment in time, and a place in history when community was created around the buying and drinking of illegal liquor…moonshine…white lightening. It was recorded live at a bootlegger’s homebase in Fayette County, Tennessee in 1971 at the behest of LATTIE MURRELL, whom BENGT OLSSON and BILL BARTH had tracked down to document. Besides Murrell, Barth and WILLIAM FLOYD DAVIS, the contributors to this record just happened to be spellin’ with the same bootlegger that evening; they are unknown voices, arising with glory from the soak of moonshine, and then fading back into obscurity.


Side A

1 Lattie Murrell– When A Gal Cross The Bottom
2 Lattie Murrell– Spoonful
3 Lattie Murrell– Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
4 Lattie Murrell– Howlin' In The Moonlight
5 Lattie Murrell– Blues For Mattie Mae
6 William Floyd Davis– Lookin' Down The Road
7 William Floyd Davis– The Capt'n
8 William Floyd Davis– Why Did I Have To Leave Cairo
9 Lattie Murrell– Catfish Blues

Side B

1 Bootlegger With Bill Barth– Rock Me Baby
2 Bootlegger– Getting That Stuff
3 Bootlegger Quartet– Bottle Up And Go
4 Bootlegger Quartet– He's Callin' Me
5 Bootlegger– Cummins Prison Farm


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