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Various Artists - Otto's - LP

Various Artists - Otto's - LP

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Released: Jan 13th 2023

Label: Mook

Limited to 200 Copies

"Otto’s is the first release from Mookin. It is a compilation album of ten songs from multiple artists. We’re trying to make compilation cool again, and have thought long and hard about how we can reimagine them. What we’ve come to is a conceptual approach that allows artists to share their music in an interesting and engaging way, and in turn helps them stand out.

Otto’s was an old pub, now shut down, with a small stage where musicians would occasionally play. If it weren’t for ten songs that had been recorded there, this place would be forever forgotten. Otto’s wasn’t a particularly popular pub, nor a very well-known one. It was a darkly lit, dodgy place, the regulars sat on their stools and the bar staff weren’t very welcoming. Everyone knew everyone and you were the stranger."



1. GO CHI MINH - Leatherman
2. DAVE O'CONNOR - Where's Our Empathy?
3. ARECIBO - Sentient
4. THE WEST - Telegraph Creek
5. WATSON - Don't Know What To Do
6. MEAT - Burn The City
7. FLAME PROOF MOTH - The Pen Song
8. DIE MARTIN - Eternal Pancake Frowning
10. TANNIS LURKIN - Robin's Drums

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