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Useless Eaters - Live In San Francisco

Useless Eaters - Live In San Francisco

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Announcing a white-hot entry into our live series, Useless Eaters, recorded in the basement of San Francisco vintage clothing store Vacation:

“This show was bananas. 
When we set up to record a live set, we always hope the band will just murder it and the people will go all crazy.
I’d say that crosses over onto the tape and makes the record shine…
This was one of those magic moments.
BYOB, a basement, in the tenderloin of SF, a wicked goddamn band slaying their songs, and a perfect essence in the air -
All the elements in place for a memorable evening. 
Everyone falling over each other, spilling beer, smiling screaming and sweating
A real mess
When everybody leaves and you look at the muddy, hot, trashed, and disgusting room you think, “yes, something good happened here tonight”
This is youth (from what i remember)

Seth’s line up is at peak form here...from touring and being general road-dog bad-asses
His guitar is slanted and choking with intermittent echo …just raw vibes awesome 
Miles' drumming is honed to a point and drunk with hi hat countdowns 
Brendan’s bass sounds like it smells bad and is the perfect accompaniment to Seth's treble burst guitar 
and the at-the-time new edition of Jacob on keyboard pulls even more of the dystopian spirals from the studio recording out into the live world 

So eat yourself fitter (ears pricked for a Fall cover mayhaps?!)
with this absolute pile of energy  
Every song such a gem that it was hard to edit it down to this single lp

thanks very much to the crowd at this show
you guys made us enjoy ourselves till we accidentally all got wasted

cheers, JPD"

Colored vinyl copies come with a flexi of “Rowche Rumble” (a Fall cover) and are only available here and from the band.

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