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Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 - These Things Remain Unassigned

Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 - These Things Remain Unassigned

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1. 2x4's
2. Every Day
3. Strange Mail
4. Blank Eyed Devil
5. The Electrocutioner
6. Horrible Hour
7. Selections From 'A Fistful Of Dollars'
8. The Kids Are In The Mud
9. Wally And The Ghost
10. San Remo
11. Ed Sullivan
12. Entoloma
13. Electric Chair
14. Flames Up Yours
15. Outhouse Of The Pryeeeeeee
16. Selections From 'Rosemary's Baby'
17. Sponge Dilrod
18. Shiny Pig
19. Who Are Parents
20. Broken Bones

Label: Bulbous Monocle
Cat No.: BM-03
Released: 8th December 2023
  • Compilation of experimental indie rock band's singles, compilation tracks, and
    never before released gems from their entire career (1986-2001)
  • Double LP, Gatefold Sleeve
  • 12 Page Booklet

Bulbous Monocle focuses its lens further into the legacy and archives of the Thinking Fellers Union Local 282. These Things Remain Unassigned—a phrase coined by Brian Hageman, one of the band’s musical snake appendages emanating from its Medusa crown—is presented as a double LP (gatefold jacket with a twelve page libretto). It gathers together the band’s singles, compilation tracks, outtakes and never before released gems encompassing the arc of TFUL’s musical corpus. Every track has been surgically remastered by Mark Gergis (Porest / Sublime Frequencies / Mono Pause) with his signature craftsman approach.

This collection is an auditory and visual feast. The extensive booklet included features band ephemera, concert flyers, photographs, and commentary about each track from Mark Davies. Beyond the rare singles and unreleased tracks from the TFUL archives, are cover versions from such disparate artists and composers as Ennio Morricone, Krzysztof Komeda, The Residents, The Shaggs, Caroliner Rainbow and Pérez Prado.

“…In addition to these compilation one-offs, there were also a few studio recordings that were never quite completed or released. Throw in an alternate mix or two and the handful of singles that came out on various labels over the years, and you end up with what I feel works well as its own body of work, a bunch of adopted oddballs that somehow fit together as a family. I hope youʼll agree with me that these things are now no longer unassigned, but part of a somewhat cohesive whole, stitched together into something mysterious and glistening.” —Mark Davies (2023)

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