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The Woodleigh Research Facility - The Phoenix Suburb (And Other Stories)

The Woodleigh Research Facility - The Phoenix Suburb (And Other Stories)

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01) I Am Amateur Barbarian
02) Brackstone Abroad
03) Aeronauts: The Next Phase
04) Osler’s Crystal Fountain
05) The Question Oak
06) Emancipation Garage
07) Dumont’s Assistant
08) Taqiya (feat. Youth)

‘The Phoenix Suburb’ is the sound of Andrew Weatherall and Nina Walsh taking a disgruntled sine wave for a walk, throwing it sticks, skimming it on a rough sea and scrunching it up and leaving it at the bottom of a bag over a long weekend. It’s trying to cheer up D minor with ball games and scrabble, puppet shows with tutu’d ponies and frizzy haired gonks and clips of cavorting kittens before giving up and crushing it between rocks mined by sobbing orphans. It’s loading the hum kick and the ticky snare on a tandem and pushing them down the stairs. It’s the final note of Mahler’s 11th heard through an iphone’s earbuds then told its parents had died but why it should dance the polka anyway because life, of sorts, still goes on.

Available on double LP (1000 copies) 
Expected release date 8th January 2016.

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