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The Titillators - That's The Night

The Titillators - That's The Night

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 The Titillators became a band in 2018 and emerge from a bold compulsion: to sound completely unlike any other musical group in existence. On their third album to date, That's The Night , it's clearer than ever that they've been successful in this endeavour. It's a tuneful, mainly instrumental batch of bent exotica played by a group of some of Toronto's most inventive and highly regarded musicians. And while listeners will catch aural whiffs of jazz, pop, soul, electronica, and free improvisation there's something irrefutably singular about their output. They're led by Ryan Driver, whom you may know from his solo recordings on Tin Angel, from groups such as Eucalyptus, and from his frequent collaborations with Eric Chenaux. Driver provides the compositions and plays street sweeper bristle bass, an instrument of his own devising consisting of a small tine of metal plucked on top of an amplifed cigar box. The ubiquitous and multitalented Thom Gill's whistling often plays a disconcerting lead role, while both he and acclaimed jazz pianist Tania Gill play synths. Meanwhile the trifecta of percussionists Phil Melanson, D. Alex Meeks, and Nick Fraser offer rhythmic interplay with one crucial caveat: none of them are permitted to play any component of a standard drum kit.


1. Communication
2. Birds in the Moonlight
3. Wigging Out
4. Hot Toboggans
5. If the Morning Comes
6. Keeping Up with the Joneses
7. Memories of Moods
8. Angora
9. The Magic of the Moon at Night
10. That's the Night

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