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The Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus - The Dream We Carry - LP/CD

The Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus - The Dream We Carry - LP/CD

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Formed in Liverpool in 1985, the Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus is a unique experimental ensemble whose work goes beyond music. For over thirty-five years the band’s cult following has grown. Their mesmerising recorded material is influenced by diverse cultural perspectives and stimulates a deeply personal and subjective awakening. Ethereal vocals, ambient compositions, chants, acoustic instrumentation and field recordings generate beautiful and emotionally intense soundscapes. ‘The Dream We Carry’ is the band’s fifth album and perhaps their most coherent body of work to date. It captures echoes and fragile remnants of the lived experience. The emotional traces that affect us. The joys and sorrows we hold. The dreams that we carry. Founder member Leslie Hampson said: “The RAIJ is a project in pursuit of beauty; we have tried to jettison anything that doesn’t address that. We’ve been active for a long time and this album represents another phase in our work. We’re not trying to reinvent ourselves or be something we’re not. We’ve never done that. We only ever try to be more of ourselves.” 


(1) A Song for Lost Souls (2) Les Fils des Etoiles (3) Among the Lost 4) Goodbye to Berlin (5) Remnants (6) Object of Desire (7) The Road Home (8) Tales from Nowhere (9) Portrait of a Child (10) Solace (11) Equinox (12) Disparu (13) Voices (14) The Song of Wandering Aengus

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