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The Kaisers - Wishing Street - LP / CD

The Kaisers - Wishing Street - LP / CD

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Release Date: 29th June 2017

LBW Records re-masters, and re-releases the Kaiser's 1997 CD only release "Wishing Street" (originally released on NO HIT Records) on CD format, but more imprtantly, for the first time ever on the format it is made for, VINYL!! Yes, the first ever vinyl version of this album is finally hitting the shelves..

Formed in 1992, The Kaisers exist in the same timezone as famous beat combos of 1962 etc, they look and sound like they could be on the way to play the Cavern, or on their way back from Hamburg, but this aint simply some "retro" beat sound they are dishing out, this is a proper old fashioned rave up; you will dance and jive yourself into a frenzy!!

A mono recording, the Kaisers' fourth long-play outing recreates the swinging sounds of very early Beatles and other Merseybeat bands with considerable gusto. The album cover also evokes another era, and a dozen of the album's 14 songs are originals, including a couple of wild instrumentals in the style of the Ventures and Shadows

LP limited to 500 blackvinyl / w/ DLcode / CD in updated digipak 



Side 1
1 Time To Go (Miller)
2 Little Twister (Miller/Maben)
3 Wishing Street (Miller)
4 (She Can?t Do) The Wiki Waki Wu (McIntyre/Miller)
5 I Will (Miller)
6 Lonesome (McIntyre)
7 Twist It Up (Appel/Mann)

Side 2
8 Patricia Ann (Miller)
9 I Want To Be Your Driver (Berry)
10 Don?t You Worry (Miller)
11 You?re Just Too Smart For Me (Miller)
12 Why Did You Lie? (Miller)
13 Shame (Miller)
14 The Mighty Atom (Miller)

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