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The Clits - Excuse Me - 7"

The Clits - Excuse Me - 7"

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1. Period Pains
2. 22 Past 5
3. Maximum Joyride
4. Zoo Song

Forte is very excited to be working with Anti Fade records, outta Geelong / Australia. We’re going to bring in all their new releases starting with this batch, at the moment the Australian underground scene is more exciting, and more diverse than anywhere else; Bands like the Bonniwells, Frowning Clouds, Straight Arrows, Living Eyes etc have all released records on Anti Fade…most of the vinyl editions are of 300-400…more coming soon!!! This is the trio’s first official release – apart from a split cassette with The Living Eyes – following choice placement on local bills with the likes of UV Race, Super Wild Horses, Dick Diver, Boomgates and The Stevens. The band of Bendigo natives formed in 2011 and is fronted by Lucas Heenan, who also performs and records as Wonderboy. Long overdue and anticipated debut release by Melbourne trio The Clits. They've earned themselves a real good reputation in Melbourne by playing lots of great shows, and now you can listen to them in your lounge room!

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