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The Brackish - Donor Friends

The Brackish - Donor Friends

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1. Willox For A New age
2. Donor Zone
3. J Und J
4. Buabb

Stolen Body is delighted to be working with Bristol progressive psych and jazz legends The Brackish for their fifth album ‘Donor Zone’. Attempting to capture our live sound and intensity, Donor Zone was recorded live at gig volume without the tyranny of headphones. The album kicks off with an ADHD epic ' Willox for a new Age' , apocalyptic coda morphing into the fuzz bass drone of 'Donor Zone'. Forboding chord sequences set up ' J und J' before a gargantuan riff drops, motorik middle section developing into a highly satisfying ripping fuzz guitar finish. Last tune BUABB has the faved Tortoise/ beefheart stylings around a Kraut- inspired improv section. The single 'J und J' draws the listener in to a false sense of uneasy security with it's pensive and motorik sections before it's gargantuan riff payoff. The track shifts dynamically back to it's uneasy base, developing into an extremely satisfying and belligerent ripping fuzz guitar ending.

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