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The Blind Shake - Live In San Francisco

The Blind Shake - Live In San Francisco

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Captured to tape the same nights as the OBN IIIs live record, way back in 2013, we caught the Blind Shake tour-greased and fully torqued over three nights at The Chapel in San Francisco. If you're unfamiliar: the sheer bodily reaction to seeing these guys is a unique pleasure, they are consistently one of the most fun bands to watch that’s doin’ it to it these days. They’re such a direct channel to your inner teenager it's more often than not you end up in the pit, awash in baritone guitar and that "lets wig out" beat. Whether you’re a noob or a vet, all the bludgeoning favorites are here, one song combing into the next with tasty bites of guitar, and man, they swing that hammer all over this thing. A sterling testament to their claim as the heaviest nice guys around. Their chrome domes shined up real nice for the excellent night-of photographs from our main man Brian Pritchard, and as usual we've got John Dwyer, Chris Woodhouse, Eric Bauer, and Bob Marshall manning the decks, keepin’ it crisped for your hi-fis at home.

All vinyl includes download cards, colored vinyl limited to two per customer and ships outside the jacket in a polybag.

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