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Sundog (Peter Jeffes) - Insofar CD

Sundog (Peter Jeffes) - Insofar CD

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1. Light On Stone

2. 4LB

3. For You, When It Rains...

4. Boso I

5. Boso II

6. The Heart Waits...

7. Shadows In Water

8. Parise (Song For Wayland)

9. Machell

10. Je Crois...

11. Things Fall Apart...

12. A Simple Loss

13. Perc’y

14. Both Hands In Pockets

Sundog is the new project from Arthur Jeffes of Penguin Cafe, which comes under the umbrella of the Penguin Cafe Label.

INSOFAR For this album we wanted to set up some simple rules for ourselves and then see how imaginative and creative we could be within that system. We started with the idea that we would only use sounds we could get from our instruments - piano, violin, duclcitone, Rhodes and harmonium - but we wouldn’t stay on the chamber footing that would seem to dictate. We’d use the tools of the studio to enhance, suppress, fiddle and in all kinds of ways get original sounds out of the gear we were using. Obviously sometimes the tracks have ended up simply being pieces for piano and violin, but others have proved more odd.

Insofar... is Sundog's debut album, release date 1st October 2012.


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