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Sudden Death - Sudden Death - Col. LP

Sudden Death - Sudden Death - Col. LP

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1. The Road Back Home
2. The Zoo
3. My Time Is Over
4. Come Away With Me
1. Fugit Orchard
2. Leather Woman
3. Lament
4. Crazy Ladies

A hard-hitting and gloomy heavy rock band comprised of Pasadena youth who were selected as finalists in a nationwide artist search called "America's Answer To Black Sabbath" recorded this lost demo album in Spring of 1972. The tracks resurfaced in the mid 90s as a mysterious proto-metal record, released by pioneering reissuers Rockadelic records. Sudden Death's music is now being released broadly for the first time, and with full disclosure of the band's journey. Sourced from the master tape. Made in collaboration with band members. Includes big format 8-page booklet.

FFO: Black Sabbath, Granicus, Sir Lord Baltimore

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