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The French punk-garage-rock scene the past decade has seen some standout acts emerge such as Cheveu, Frustration, The Feeling of Love, Dimi Dero and more. Add the oddly-named SUBTLE TURNHIPS to this pile, as their fifth album – Redhair With Some – is proudly brought to you by Homeless on June 16th.

The lack of hair on our Homeless head helped our hearing (try saying that rapidly 10 times) - not that we needed an aid to decide whether to release Redhair With Some - we’ve been a fan since hearing Terd Album (Hozac, 2010) and Meal (Pouet! Schallplatten, 2013) and immediately loved the rough cuts we were sent.
Recruiting recording ace Mikey Young to mix the album brought a fresh new set of ears to the Turnhips sound, and another instant fan, hell we even hear some Eddy Current Suppression Ring-style guitar work in “Eileen”.
Some have stated they hear Swell Maps or Pink Flag-era Wire in the Subtle Turnhips influences, whilst others have noted The Fall or even the destructionism of Brainbombs.

"Imagine if The Pheromoans wanted to rock a bit harder, but not too seriously. It’s a gorgeous mess of Mark E. Smith meets Desperate Bicycles or Wire." (Permanent Records)

“The best thing about keeping an open mind towards new garage punk is the occasional pleasant surprise, in this case Subtle Turnhips’ Terd Album. I don’t understand the band name, but after a few spins of Terd Album, it’s a fittingly incongruous moniker to their utilitarian, single-minded punk rock. There’s a weird semi-British accent going on with the vocals, which is only evident when they rise through the din, and a general disregard towards good taste and valid songwriting that I really appreciate. Kind of like a non-Australian, less goofy UV Race, as if some bitter group of people really took the DIY insubordination of Fuck Off Records to heart. Great stuff.” (Yellow Green Red).



a1. Tubbyz (3:24)
a2. Don?t Mess With My Time (1:08)
a3. Reisen (1:43)
a4. Shame (2:24)
a5. Tweez [Francois] (2:53)
a6. Digit [5] (1:44)
a7. Slime (1:48)
b1. Redhair With Some (2:13)
b2. In-Thing Baby (3:44)
b3. Eileen (2:29)
b4. Cousine (2:20)
b5. Heidi (2:09)
b6. Las Bas (3:07

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