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Strat - Live At The Whammy Bar

Strat - Live At The Whammy Bar

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Recorded live "in front of a non-existent audience in an imaginary arena", a Willie Weird / Kelley Stoltz project takes the listener on a trip through new spectrums of
punk soul - funk boogie. Think Cheap Trick "Live At Budokan" recorded by Weird Al and Moon Unit Zappa. Features the concert fan favorite "Confidence"
Baaaad riffs, synth blasts, and futures, pasts, lyrical genius and vocoder treatments -
History is changed every few years...
Clean out your ears and the now sound appears!

1. Deal With It
2. Toshiba Myths
3. Blast First
4. Real Real Real
5. Don't Want A Counterfeit Thing
6. How Summer Night
7. The Mailman
8. Confidence
9. Give Me The Robots Life
10. Faraway

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