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Straight Arrows - Rising CD

Straight Arrows - Rising CD

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Formed in 2007 by two sets of brothers: Alex Szegedy (guitar/vocals) and George Szegedy (drums) and Spencer Young (bass/vocals) and William Young (guitar/vocals). An easy reference point could be the Nuggets compilation, in fact Nuggets compiler Lenny Kaye had this to say about them last year: "Awash in reverb and mood enhancers, the People's Temple create an atmosphere truly "Texas Revisited," embracing trippy International Artists like the Red Krayola and Bubble Puppy, bone-shaking a tambourine ("Nevermore," "Looter's Game"), and mumbo-jumboing poetics ("House of Fools"). Alternately soaring, dislocating, unsettling and uplifting, the album culminates in the phantasmagoria of "(Dark Dreams) Distant Memories," a hymn to the glories found in a millisecond's delay by way of Jane's Addiction. Pass the Kool-Aid," Kaye wrote.


Track Listing:

01. Introduction
02. Fruit of the Forest
03. Can't Stand It
04. Petrified
05. Continental Son
06. Don't Tell Me
07. Rotten Teeth
08. Make Up Your Mind
09. Without Ya
10. Dont Call My Name
11. Breakdown
12. Changing Colours
13. Never Enough

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