Straight Arrows - It's Happening - CD

Straight Arrows



Straight Arrows is the pet project of Sydney suburbanite Owen Penglis, who linked up with musicians Alex Grigg, Angela Bermuda and Adam Williams to record a debut, ‘It’s Happening’,on exclusively vintage gear for that authentically nasty, garage-rock sound. After the record’s release in Australia in 2010, it’s no surprise to learn that Penglis produced a 40th anniversary tribute to Lenny Kaye’s ‘Nuggets’ compilation with fellow luminaries of the Sydney and Brisbane garage rock scenes. Now ‘It’s Happening’ is up for release in the UK on 24th June, and we’ve a first taster from the album for you to hear in ‘Something Happens’, a typically headlong, no-frills slice of throwback punk that may or may not explain why the band seem to be living in a garden shed devoted to the occult.

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