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Steve Kilby & Martin Kennedy You Are Everything LP

Steve Kilby & Martin Kennedy You Are Everything LP

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Steve Kilbey from enigmatic Aussie space rockers The Church, and writer of one of rock music’s great songs Under The Milky Way (featured in cult classic movie Donnie Darko) once again teams up with chilltronica outfit All India Radio’s Martin Kennedy to release their third album You Are Everything, completing a critically acclaimed trilogy that began in 2009 with Unseen Music Unheard Words followed by White Magic in 2011.
The new album is perhaps best described by Steve Kilbey himself from his blog:
“It is not anything like what went before with albums one or two. You will find intensity brilliance darkness and light
more Low/Bowie/Eno influence that German sound and feeling, the melodies the arrangements the intent, probably one of the best 3 records I ever worked on.
I don’t say it lightly!
Elegant elegiac modern classic strange turbulent disturbed and yet so fucking lovely. Yeah I know I can blow my own horn but just wait till you hear this”


Tack Listing:

1. I Wouldn?t Know
2. Everyone
3. Lorelei
4. Knowing You Are In This World
5. I Find
Side B
6. East Side West Side
7. A Better Day
8. All The World
9. Brother Moon Sister Sun
10. Can?t Get Free
11. Finale

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