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Various - Static Disaster: The UK In The Red Sampler - CD

Various - Static Disaster: The UK In The Red Sampler - CD

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1. The Dirtbombs – I Can't Stop Thinking About It
2. The Hunches – Static Disaste
3. Reigning Sound – Drowning
4. Cheater Slicks – Walk Up The Street
5. The Deadly Snakes – I Can't Sleep At Night
6. Lost Sounds – Trails/Fears
7. Blacktop – I Think It's Gonna Rain
8. The Ponys – Chemical Imbalance
9. Country Teasers – Success
10. King Brothers – Lulu
11. Dan Melchior's Broke Revue – I'm A Robot
12. The Bassholes – Microscope Feeling
13. The Mystery Girls – Silver Turns To Gold
14. The Piranhas – Girls Like It Too
15. The Screws – I See You, Baby
16. The Hospitals – I'm A Bug
17. Clone Defects – Shapes Of Venus
18. The Horrors – Cold Blooded
19. Volt – I Don't Feel So Good
20. The Intelligence – Tropical Struggle
21. Speedball Baby – Do Ya Wanna Scratch It?
22. The Fuse! – League Of Women Voters
23. Knoxville Girls – That's Alright With Me
24. The Necessary Evils – Drag Pow Wow Drag
25. Andre Williams – I Wanna Be Your Favorite Pair Of Pajamas
26. The Lamps – Rototiller
27. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Shirt Jac/Train #3


27 track sampler intended to introduce the British record buying public to the In The Red label's roster. We don't know if this ploy will do a damn bit of good as far as that goes, but this CD is a great place to start if you're unfamiliar with the bands on the label. Contains otherwise unreleased tracks by the Reigning Sound, Hospitals, Dan Melchior Broke Revue and The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

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