Star Spangled Banana - Frantic Romantic 7"

Arcade Sound



500 ONLY ON BANANA COLOURED VINYL: this celebration of two classic singles from 1979…yes, indeed, 35 years ago these tracks were originally released, and Agitated’s fave bubble grunge pioneers, Star Spangled Banana do a cover of each on this RSD 2014 double A side!! One A –side feats a bubble grunge version of the Cabaret Voltaire banana masher Nag nag nag, and the other A-side features a cover version of the Scientist’s (Agitated followers will know of this one, pop pickers) debut single “Frantic Romantic”…possibly the best love song ever…
150 of this is going to the US of A for their RSD stuff, 100 is going to European lands, yep, 250 only for the UK… the sleeves, well, the SSB have created their own versions of these “seminal” single covers… mash it up!

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