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Spiral Shades – Hypnosis Sessions 2LP

Spiral Shades – Hypnosis Sessions 2LP

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It starts with a singular idea and a willingness to forge ahead against all traditional odds. 2 years and 4000 miles later, Norwegian guitarist Filip Peterson and Mumbai based singer-songwriter Kushal Bhadra deliver what is arguably one of the best straight up 70s doom / proto-metal revivalist albums of 2014.


Spiral Shades’s Hypnosis Sessions is the Peterson/Bhadra brainchild conceived from a shared love of 70s occult rock aesthetics and the mindset to play from the heart and not the head. But that’s not to suggest that “heady” doesn’t describe the duo’s take on heavy psychedelia, just check out the 12+ minute centerpiece to this 9-track opus ‘Grim Rituals’ which deftly displays a plethora of labyrinthine slow groove hooks and extended harmonic minor solo jams; but despite a certain degree of required calculation and studio wizardry to bring this album to fruition, Spiral Shades maintains a collective philosophy centered on musical artistic integrity and an authentic sound that harkens back to the days when bands like Cream, Deep Purple, and Black Sabbath were more than just subjects of name dropping aspirers of classical cool.

The Peterson / Bhadra back story is rather unique actually; both have been disciples of all things 70s, heavy, and obscure, relying on internet clips and word of mouth to discover new and old school musical influences and to post and share their respective talents. A similar interest in and reverence for musicians like Wino and John Gallow (among others) laid the foundation for a lasting friendship and “intuitive chemistry” that’s apparent throughout the album.


A1 Frustration
A2 Illuminati
B1 Grim Rituals
C1 Fear
C2 Wizardry
C3 The Slowing Deep
D1 Abstract Illusions
D2 Torment
D3 Fading Sunlight
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