Slift - Space is the Key / La Planete Exploree




Released July 1st

Double gatefold album including Slift’s first 2 albums on Black vinyl! 

Space Is The Key:


1. Dominator
2. The Sword
3. Sound In My Head
4. The Sleeve
5. Space Is The Key

Recorded and mixed by Lo Spider at Swampland, Toulouse.
Art by Pierre Ferrero.

Jean F./ guitar, vox
Rémi F./ bassVI, vox
Canek F./ drum

Originally out on Howlin Banana Records and Exag Records / June 2017. 

La Planete Inexploree: 


1. Heavy Road
2. Something In The Mist
3. Doppler Ganger
4. Ant Skull
5. Fearless Eye
6. Trapezohedron
7. ...
8. La Planète Inexplorée
9. Silent Giant

Originally out September 2018 via Howlin Banana Rds / Stolen Body Rds / Exag' Rds/ Six Tonnes de Chairs Rds and Rockerill Rds.
Tape edition on Ya Ya Yeah.

Jean Fossat - Guitar, Synth, Vox
Rémi Fossat - Bass, Vox
Canek Flores - Drums, Percussions and Farfisa

Additionnal musicians //
Ornella Mesple Somps - Vox
Lucie Lelaurain - Flûte
Yann Favier - Congas and Percussions
Lo Spider - RE 201 and Percussions

Recorded and mixed by Lo Spider at Swampland, Toulouse.
Mastered by Jim Diamond

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