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Simon Juliff - Stars - CD / LP

Simon Juliff - Stars - CD / LP

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First solo release from Melbourne pop-rock singer/songwriter SIMON JULIFF Produced by Joel Silbersher (GOD / Hoss) and released on the newly revived Australian label Dog Meat Records Much-loved Melbourne rock 'n' roll label Dog Meat Records returns with first solo release from former singer/guitarist/songwriter of The Roys and God / Hoss / Powder Monkeys associate, Simon Juliff The first new Dog Meat release in over a quarter of a century is the new single “Stars”, taken from the forthcoming album of the same name, from reticent Melbourne pop-rock singer/songwriter Simon Juliff. Juliff, who was singer/guitarist/songwriter for Melbourne band The Roys in the ‘00s, was a friend of many of the ‘90s Melbourne bands on Dog Meat and nearly a Dog Meat signing with his first band The Evil Dead. Produced by long-time friend Joel Silbersher (God, Hoss, Tendrils etc) and featuring backing from members of Hoss and Kim Salmon & the Surrealists, “Stars” – both the new single and the forthcoming album - combines brightly dappled glimmers of classic pop-rock melodicism with a darkened, frazzled vibe.



01. Stars
02. The Mission
03. Green Papaya
04. Private Party
05. Salad Days
06. What Would You Say
07. Sal
08. Charlie
09. Shot Across The Bow
10. Till Next Time
11. Nice Eye

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