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Section 25 - Move On - Col LP / CD

Section 25 - Move On - Col LP / CD

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Section 25 release their 10th studio album ‘Move On’ via Nine X Nine records. Originally formed in Lancashire in 1977 they are best known for their work with iconic Manchester label Factory Records. Fusing elements of post-punk, electro and synth-pop their sound is unmistakable and influential. ‘Move On’ has optimism at its core. It is a reflection of the past and a meditation on the present. Emotionally engaging with the here and now by understanding what has passed. Section 25 have built a lasting legacy as one of Britain’s most important bands in electronic music. Younger audiences may be familiar with their work through it being extensively sampled, including by Kanye West. The band were also namechecked in LCD Soundsystem’s breakout single ‘Losing My Edge’.


(1) Move On (2) Human Puppets (3) Gun for Hire (4) Form is Void (5) CV1 (6) Graduate from Boredom (7) The Boy from the A Shed (8) We are on our own (9) Pubs, Clubs and Drugs (10) Back in the Day

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