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Running - Wake Up Applauding

Running - Wake Up Applauding

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Running elbows in quick from the City of the Big Shoulders with Wake Up Applauding. Delivered loudly, dripping in unintelligible menace with the occasional flash of dark humor, their bathtub mixture of dope-sick guitars clawing at your purse ramming into an unhealthy sense of propulsion and repetition seems chemical, unreal. This is villians plotting evil kinda punk, mutants in the sewers emerging and wreaking havoc…Mothra shorting out high voltage power lines and melting, screaming, onto a fleeing populace. Corrosive, driving, repetitive, pissed off, these guys deliver that evil cruisin’ vibe, tight and pushing 100 but with just a rotted off stump of a hand grossing everyone out and shifting gears. 


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