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Royel Otis - Bar & Grill / Sofa Kings - Ltd Coloured Vinyl

Royel Otis - Bar & Grill / Sofa Kings - Ltd Coloured Vinyl

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The hottest band in Australia. Put that thermometer away. The world is theirs. The end of the first chapter is here. The EPs that made the boys a household name in every bar and grill in town. Back to back, hit after hit. Sydney’s Royel Otis have had a phenomenal rise in the past few years, with sell-out shows following a wave of hype. Collectively, these two EPs have notched up digital spins well into the millions, an amazing achievement for an indie band. Get your mitts onto these before they go stratospheric. Big love and thanks to our friends at Ourness for bringing this into the world. We've put both EP's on each side of vinyl. And then tried to make something special. Includes an individually-numbered, specially-designed reversible obi strip.

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