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RL Boyce

RL Boyce - Ain't the Man's Alright - LP

RL Boyce - Ain't the Man's Alright - LP

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R.L. BOYCE has been wanting to make this record for decades. He has backed the greatest hill country legends, from Jesse Mae Hemphill to Otha Turner. He has played in and around Mississippi since he was a child. But this master at blues improvisation has never been put onto tape effectively until now. On one hot and steamy Mississippi weekend, R.L. gathered his friends and played his heart out, the first day right on his porch, with the whole neighborhood gathering around, the second in Jim Dickinson's legendary Zebra Ranch studio. The cast of characters on this record is just mind-blowing LUTHER DICKINSON, CALIVN JACKSON, CEDRIC BURNSIDE, ANDRE EVANS, and LIGHTNIN’ MALCOLM. 

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