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Rival Consoles - Night Melody

Rival Consoles - Night Melody

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A1. Pattern Of The North
A2. Johannesburg
A3. Slow Song
B1. Lone
B2. Night Melody
B3. What Sorrow


Cat No: ERATP087
Label: Erased Tapes

Released: Aug 2016


London-based electronic songwriter Ryan Lee West’s most personal work to date comes in the form of a mini-album titled Night Melody.

During the release of his acclaimed full-length album Howl and heavy touring in late 2015, Ryan came out of a 13-year long relationship and found himself making music throughout the winter months. The result of his efforts is a 34-minute, 6-track mini album Night Melody, born out of and shaped by long hours working into the night. It’s nocturnal in sound; mysterious in the way that the early hours so often are.

“I found myself, in a silent home, with the days getting dark very early. I’ve never before in my life been affected by the lack of light so much. I just remember it always being night time. I would either make music into the night, go out drinking with friends, or go to parties and dance into the early hours, every day, week after week, month after month, until eventually the days became brighter again.”

“Cinematic trancescapes” — Mixmag

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