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Redd Kross - Redd Kross - 2LP/CD

Redd Kross - Redd Kross - 2LP/CD

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Iconic punk band celebrates forty-five years new double album.

In 1979, two school-kids all hopped-up on punk-rock started their own group in their hometown of Hawthorne, Los Angeles (birthplace of the Beach Boys) and soon found themselves opening shows for notorious scene pioneers Black Flag. Jeff McDonald was fifteen, his brother Steven McDonald only eleven. But that didn’t stop their group from becoming one of the most remarkable, enduring and unique outfits punk-rock ever belched up. 2024, then, marks Redd Kross’s forty-fifth birthday— an important anniversary for any group whose heart pulses at 45RPM—and the brothers are celebrating the event with a veritable multimedia extravaganza. There’s a memoir, Now You’re One Of Us, due in November, author Dan Epstein telling the group’s story in the McDonalds’ unmistakable (and occasionally contrary) voices. A brilliant rockumentary, Born Innocent, directed by Andrew Reich, will premiere later in the year. Most exciting of all, this new album—an eponymous double-album, no less, packed with eighteen of their sharpest, most addictive songs yet. These years of joyful service to rock’n’roll have seen Redd Kross evolve into a killer pop-rock concern, dealing in dayglo power-chords, choruses as tall as skyscrapers and a lyric sheet thick with acid couplets and arch popcultural references their loyal following will gobble up like quaaludes.


  1. Candy Coloured Catastrophe
  2. .Stunt Queen 
  3. The Main Attraction 
  4. Cancion Enojada
  5. Good Times Propaganda Band
  6. What's In It For You?
  7. I'll Take Your Word For It
  8. Terrible Band
  9. Stuff
  10.  Back Of The Cave
  11. Too Good To Be True
  12.  Way Too Happy
  13.  Simple Magic
  14. The Witches? Stand 
  15.  Lay Down And Die
  16.  The Shaman's Disappearing Robe
  17. Emanuelle Insane 
  18.  Born Innocent

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