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Precious Jules - Precious Jules - CD

Precious Jules - Precious Jules - CD

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Release Date: 17/01/2012

Format: CD

Genre: Garage Rock

Cat. Number: AGIT011CD


Tired of playing gigs alone Kim Salmon (The Scientists, Surrealists) teams up with Michael Strange (Morning After Girls) and produces a raw yet catchy sounding records.

With just Kim on guitar and Michael's fondness for the floor tom they manage he's more of an influence than some one that is influences you can still see thos album taking in elements of the New York Dolls, glam rock, punk rock and there's even perhaps a hint of the Cramps in there.

Its's hard to find anything dissappointing in there tracks. They're stripped down and raw giving the album an almost live feel and perhaps the only way you could really get an improvement of what you've got here is to hear them in a live setting. Precious Jules is one of those albums that could have been released in any year between 1975 and 2011 and still sound like it belonged there.

Most of the songs are new ones Kim and Michael have written but just to give us a taste of Kims's history we're treated to a glorious cover version of "cheap 'N' Nasty" originally by Kim's band The Cheap and Nasties back in 1977.

All in all a glorious album and worth plenty of repeated plays. I hope they decide to do some dated in the UK sometime soon.


Track Listing:

1. The Precious Jules Theme

2. A Necessary Evil

3. The Bald Faced Truth

4. Shine Some Darkness On Me

5. The Urban Swamp

6. Seein' Spots

7. You're A Backlash

8. Cheap 'n' Nasty

9. Pearls Before Swine

10. Too Uptite

11. Listening To The Sand

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