Precious Jules - Pearls Before Swine 7"

Arcade Sound



What are these Precious Jules That all the ladies truly covert They ll lead you to your certain ruin And then think nothing of it. Dangling surreptitiously Yet somehow in your faces Deflating your economy To inflate your airs and graces What are these Precious Jules That shine so dark before us Dazzling darkness all around Only to ignore us What are these Precious Jules So idly hanging round Your Precious necks or In your ear Wishing only to be found Acceptable for come what may With come what maybe clowns Precious Jules are Kim Salmon and Mike Stranges residing in Melbourne, operating as a slick pop partnership, masquerading as a glam/punk combo, masquerading as a garage duo. Precious Jules are Pearls Before Swine backed with Chinese Rocks on 7 inches of the best use of poly vinyl chloride you are likely to encounter!

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