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Osees - Live in Big Sur 2020 Henry Miller Memorial Library - 2XLP

Osees - Live in Big Sur 2020 Henry Miller Memorial Library - 2XLP

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 **Strictly ONE copy per customer**

"When we finally decided to bite the bullet during Covid’s initial shut down and subsequent clubs shuttering, we thought we should play some lovely and close to our heart spots to keep it interesting. 

"Henry Miller Library fits that bill perfectly. Lovely place, lovely people and general good vibes. A perfect place for us to set up and record. 
"We’ve dipped deep into the dark waters of our song-sack of holding and found several more never-before-performed-live tunes and paired them up with some oldies we’ve knocked the dust off of, as well as some fan favorites and general surprises to make the merry very. That’s right, we’ve been paying attention. Also, included here are the covers we did because why the fuck not. Recorded from dusk 'til dawn too at the gorgeous Henry Miller Library in Big Sur. Same killer crew, similar killer vibes. An enchanting pre-holiday evening to tell you that we miss and love you. Play it loud and have one on us. And keep your chin up for goodness sake. 
"Be well out there." – OSEES


1. Rogue Planet
2. I Can't Pay You To Disappear
3. Opposition
4. Crushed Grass
5. Heavy Doctor
6. Ticklish Warrior
7. Gholü
8. Withered Hand
9. Voice In The Mirror
10. Tunnel Time
11. Gelatinous Cube
12. Poor Queen
13. Lupine Ossuary
14. Dead Medic
15. Jealous Again (Black Flag Cover)
16. Nervous Breakdown (Black Flag Cover)
17. Wasted (Black Flag Cover)
18. Fix Me (Black Flag Cover)
19. Levande Begravd (Liket Lever Cover)
20. J'ai Mal Aux Dents (Faust Cover)

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