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Old Mans Will

Old Man's Will - Troubled Man 7"

Old Man's Will - Troubled Man 7"

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Real rock ‘n’ roll requires a little bit of mystique, a little bit of swagger, and a little bit of trouble for good measure. Sweden’s Old Man’s Will possesses all three of those ingredients in spades, and they come into a wonderfully inebriating aural concoction on the band’s second full-length album, Hard Times – Troubled Man [RidingEasy Records]. The quartet— Benny Åberg [vocals], Klas Holmgren [guitar], Tommy Nilsson [bass], and Gustav Kejving [drums]—delivers a brash, bluesy, and brilliant opus that’s the perfect soundtrack for all kinds of trouble.
The first single “Troubled Man” shucks and jives between a hummable riff and a swinging stomp. This is proper rock music and like hearing Deep Purple’s “In Rock”, Free’s “Fire And Water” for the first time… you want to play It loud…and often. Album released in the Autumn, single limited to 200 for Europe

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