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Observers - The Age of the Machine Entities

Observers - The Age of the Machine Entities

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Last remaining copies of Ltd Black/Red Splatter Vinyl available

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1. Into The Eye
2. Frank Poole's Dream
3. Frozen Lattices of Light
4. Strange and Beautiful
5. Pod Bay Doors
6. Moon Doom
7. Metaphor II
8. The Star Child
9. The Narrow Way Part II (Pink Floyd)

Introducing Observers “The Age of the Machine Entities” an instrumental heavy metal reimagining of Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C Clarke's '2001 A Space Odyssey'.

Observers is a new project fronted by Martin Kennedy whose ambient rock band All India Radio has seen music used in CSI, One Tree Hill and many more. Canadian metal titan Devin Townsend even covered an All India Radio song that he fell in love with while on holiday. Kennedy has also released over fifteen albums with Steve Kilbey of psychedelic rock legends The Church. Kennedy says “I’ve been fascinated by 2001 A Space Odyssey ever since my mum took me to see it in the 1970s. It blew my mind. I started making my own 2001 inspired super 8 movies, I collected everything I could afford and I’m still obsessed with it into my adult years.”

“The Age of the Machine Entities” is entirely instrumental and takes us on a cosmic journey through melodic metal, atmospheric riffs and psychedelic ambient sequences with echoes of Gojira, Black Sabbath and Tangerine Dream and the early 70’s work of Pink Floyd. Indeed treats us to a searing metal version of the obscure but fan favourite “The Narrow Way Part 2” from the Floyd’s Umma Gumma. The album was mixed by Joe Haley from Tasmania’s legendary Psycroptic and the line up is Rich Gray (Annihilator) on bass, Chris Bohm on drums, and guest soloists including Joe Haley and Jake Weber. The all important visual aspect is brought to life by Ryan T Hancock (known for work with King Buffalo, ᴀɢɴᴏxɪᴀ, Robot God), who created the mesmerizing album artwork.

Observers' "The Era of Machine Entities" is a fusion of artistic brilliance that pays homage to the timeless mystery of "2001: A Space Odyssey.”

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