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Nolan Potter's Nightmare Band - Nightmare Forever

Nolan Potter's Nightmare Band - Nightmare Forever

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The wizard’s gaze cast over a distant landscape bits of ash and motes of incinerated earth float in the air the smell of ozone and fried metal sting the villager’s noses.

But hope’s bell rings eternal! A flower of beauty is standing up in the sole ray of sun the clouds are withering away, retreating back to dark cloaks behind crusted-over frost-fractal windows. Darkness cannot usurp the crown light is king and will eliminate the darkness, chase it, out of the unfathomable corners and brush away the webs of evil...remnant factions will always remain but they will be hunted with pure magical riffage.

These are the peaks and valleys of the mighty Nolan Potter’s Nightmare Band, conceptual in feel and flow a lovely lilting ride and then, up through the floor boards, a warrior incants into the frothing night a huge band, heavy and tumultuous like a war machine rumbling thru the ash clearing the way for folks to continue their idyll. Dreamy and lucid keys, strings, drum corps, slippery guitar and buff bass, ripe flutes and breezy vocals. For fans of Embryo, the Mothers, Pink Floyd, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Moody Blues, the Stark Reality, and Placebo. They’re from Austin, Texas but you’d swear it’s from 1972 Europa-Mothership. Like their vodka it surpasses expectations and fucking crushes.

Colored vinyl is limited to two per customer 

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