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Nils Frahm & Anne Mulle - 7 Fingers

Nils Frahm & Anne Mulle - 7 Fingers

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01. Teeth
02. 7fingers
03. Let My Key Be C
04. Show Your Teeth
05. Because This Must Be / Augmentation
06. Journey For A Traveller
07. Reminds To Teeth
08. Duktus
09. Long Enough

Fans of the Berlin based Nils Frahm are by now familiar with his beguiling live shows where more often than not fellow touring artists are encouraged to join Frahm on stage ? the likes of Rachel Grimes, Rob Lowe of Balmorhea as well as label colleagues Peter Broderick and ?lafur Arnalds have all obliged with fascinating results. It will come as no surprise then that Nils Frahm, an accomplished composer and producer who signed to Erased Tapes in 2009, has extended his collaborative live musings to encompass the recording studio, working for the first time with noted cellist and fellow Berliner Anne M?ller to produce 7 Fingers. With their first collective release Frahm and M?ller have built a world where modern classical and electronica collide creating an 'intoxicating and delicious' collection of songs. Primarily a pianist Nils Frahm provides evidence with '7 Fingers' that he can effortlessly turn electric throwing in loops, samples and glitches to accompany and showcase M?ller on cello. Anne M?ller, a renowned musician noted for her work with the Wolf-Ferrari-Ensemble, Phillip Boa and recent tours with Agnes Obel, proves an amp musical partner for Frahm. As the recognition continues to grow for Nils Frahm's previous solo piano works Wintermusik and The Bells, 2011 sees a new side to this young talent as he embarks on a detour into strings, symphonies and glitch beats alongside the estimable Anne M?ller.

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