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Mugstar - Lime - LP

Mugstar - Lime - LP

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Release Date: 5th Sept 2011

Format: 12"

Genre: Psychedelic

Cat. Number: AGIT008

Limited to: 800 copies


Mugstar's second album this year for the excellent Important Records finds the band continue their excellent approach to psychedlic rock, propelling them alongside contempories like Bardo Pond, Oneida, and Kinski. Revolving around locked krautrock rhythms, soaring guitars, driving riffs, and turbo-charged grooves, Mugstar start the album with a series of driving guitar licks and smudged vocals before fixing on a repetative groove on keys and drums. 'Serra', meanwhile, starts with a shimmering krautrock layer reminiscent of Neu!, quickly churned up by minimalist synth flourishes and a load of skronking from guest clarinet player Jonathan Hartley (of Clinic fame). Steve Ashton on drums and percussion adds another dimension to proceedings, and the hypnotic drums on 'Radar King' quickly interlock with the thrbbing bass of Jason Stoll while the guitars duel it out to amazing effect. The band quieten down on the final track, with fluttering synths and distant vocals providing a fitting end to an intense album full of unrelenting rhythms and driving guitars charting new territories in space-rock.


Track Listing:

1. Sunburnt Impedance Machine

2. Serra

3. Radar King

4. Beyond The Sun


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