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Motorpsycho - Phanerothyme

Motorpsycho - Phanerothyme

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After years out of press, Motorpsycho's 2001 masterpiece is back on vinyl! Originally released in 2001, Phanerothyme was a brave sidestep in the band's career. By embracing 60's psychedelic pop sensibilities and turning down their heavier, grungier tendencies, Motorpsycho displays another of their seemingly endless facets. After many years out of press, Stickman Records is proud to finally offer an updated version of this LP! Features include: • 180gr. black vinyl pressed from brand new lacquer cut • reconstructed from the original master files by Helge Sten • revamped cover art • heavy duty inside-out printed cover • printed inner sleeves and color insert


1. Bedroom Eyes
2. For Free
3. B.S.
4. Landslide
5. Go to California
6. Painting the Night Unreal
7. The Slow Phaseout
8. Blindfolded
9. When You’re Dead
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