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Michael Nyman - Vertov Sounds

Michael Nyman - Vertov Sounds

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1 A Sixth Part Of The World 1
2 The Eleventh Year 1
3 A Sixth Part Of The World 2 
4 The Eleventh Year 2
5 A Sixth Part Of The World 3
6 The Eleventh Year 3
7 A Sixth Part Of The World 4
8 The Eleventh Year 4
9 A Sixth Part Of The World 5
10 The Eleventh Year 5

Label: MN Records

Cat No: MNRCD118

Michael Nyman has now completed scores for the three major films that the pioneering Soviet filmmaker Dziga Vertov made in the late 1920s. To ‘Man with a Movie Camera’ he has added ‘The Eleventh Year’ and ‘A Sixth Part of the World’ and as a unique experiment for MN Records he has created a new Michael Nyman Band work - by making a montage of material from both of the soundtracks into a single, continuous piece which runs for 77 minutes. VERTOV SOUNDS is the fourth release on MN Records as part of the composer’s cut series.

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