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Michael Nyman & Motion Trio - Acoustic Accordions

Michael Nyman & Motion Trio - Acoustic Accordions

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1 In Re Don Giovanni
2 Knowing The Ropes
3 Trysting Fields
4 Wedding Tango
5 Come Unto These Yellow Sands
6 If
7 Chasing Sheep Is Best Left To Shepherds
8 The Heart Asks Pleasure First
9 Miranda
10 Silence

Label: MN Records

Cat No: MNRCD117


The fusion of Michael Nyman and the Motion Trio was an idea born especially for the 7th Kinoteka Polish Film Festival project originated and realised by the Polish Cultural Institute in London and financially supported by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute as part of POLSKA! YEAR.

Janusz Wojtarowicz (Motion Trio leader) writes: “Michael Nyman’s music has been a part of my musical life for years. The first time I encountered it was in Peter Greenaway’s film “The Draughtsman’s Contract” and I was dazzled. I remember the theme “Chasing Sheep” stayed in my head for many days. Following that, I listened to Michael’s soundtracks to “Drowning by Numbers”, “Prospero’s Books”, “A Zed and Two Noughts”, “The Hairdresser’s Husband” and many others, with equal amazement. I realised then that Nyman’s aesthetic – the exceptional drive and ruggedness of this music, combined with a deep lyricism – is very close to my own and that of Motion Trio as a whole. So when we received the proposition to play some of Michael’s film music with him, I promptly selected and arranged those pieces that I thought would sounds best rendered on three accordions. After this experience, I know that what’s resulted from it is a new kind of sound and I’m not the one whom credit is due for this. 


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