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Michael Nyman - Facing Goya: Opera in 4 Acts

Michael Nyman - Facing Goya: Opera in 4 Acts

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CD 1
1. Prelude/Dogs Drowning In Sand
2. How Do I Know You Know
3. Lavater
4. Leonardo Says
5. The Size Of The Brain
6. Weigh The Brain
7. The Theory Of Proportions
8. Stand Up And Be Counted
9. Measure My Body
10. Galton
11. Goya's Snub Nose
12. Lombroso
13. And Goya Cried


1. Where Is Goya?
2. The Sequence Of The Gene
3. A Man Impaled
4. The Risky Gene
5. Mutation
6. Brilliant Body
7. Take Its DNA
8. Give Me Goya's Skull
9. Tortured Prisoner
10. That Day Decided
11. We've Cracked The Genome
12. I Wanted Rid Of It
13. And Cloning Is Here To Stay
14. How Can You Be So Stupid
15. Forgive Me


Label: MN Records
Cat No: MNRCD121/122

 MN Records releases Michael Nyman’s ground-breaking opera Facing Goya, the first- ever opera based on the subject of genetics and cloning, just as his first opera, The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat, was the first to use a neurological case study.

Written during the media frenzy around the human genome discovery and Dolly the Sheep, this conceptual thriller tracks Goya’s skull – from the artist’s death to its rebirth as a sinister 21st century clone in a Frankenstein experiment designed to genetically engineer genius.

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