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LFZ - Name Plus Focus

LFZ - Name Plus Focus

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For fans of JD Emanuel, Edgar Froese, Syrinx, Michael Rother, and Wendy Carlos

"A glistening field of sport
Mylar turf sucking up to the feet of the future athlete
No noise from the crowd
Hypo-extinct brain waves peak at nominal levels
Mouths hang as they watch the rehearsed games unfold

Across megalopolis
Handshakes between men and machine
Ply for future rations
Every man for himself that isn’t under the spell of the government’s mind whip
Signals wash out over haphazardly stacked neighborhoods as they sleep
Investing, convincing, planting memories
Fabrication of emotion

And even farther still
Past the snicker-snack of the city’s air intake fans
A humming drone passes over the green grey canopy of the last forest
The no man’s land
Scanning for heat traces and human sound
Looking for the resistance with its red pin-prick eye

In the moments between search and seizure
the rebels eat from the forest floor
They climb trees, they commune with the animals
They live life, they stare out to the ocean, past the shanty skyscrapers
The last frontier

Sean Smith soundtracks all these thoughts in my mind’s eye
His synth and guitar layered music is the signal
It is the force field, refracting light
It is the chemtrail drifting down like slow motion party glitter
From the heavens settling like moon flakes on the roofs of the cars
On the debris
On the upturned faces of the rabble

It is beautiful imagination at its best” John Dwyer 

Elemental Edition vinyl is limited to 2 per customer and is only available here and from the band. 
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